Replacement and Returns Policy

We are committed to ensure smooth and satisfactory experience in all its details from ordering to receipt, we, in Alabdullatif Furniture Company, have been keen to provide a flexible and appropriate warranty, replacement, and return policy for everyone, according to the following:

  • When requesting replacement or return, the customer submits an e-request through requests form and accordingly, the request status will be examined, taking into account that the conditions of replacement and return should be verified.
  • Original invoice shall be submitted in case of requesting replacement, return, or maintenance.
  • The customer shall be entitled to return goods within five (5) days from the date of the delivery in case of a manufacturing defect and non-conformity with specifications, provided that defect is apparent while purchasing and that the goods are not covered by offers, sales, last piece, or among goods that cannot be re-packed, wrapped, and return thereof to their original condition with carton.
  • If the customer requests a refund of the invoice, the value of the invoice shall only be paid to the person to whom the invoice was issued.
  • In case or return, the customer shall pay the costs of shipping and delivery and shall be deducted from the invoice.
  • Wooden furniture, if installed, will not be returned, and if the customer requested to return the sold wooden furniture before installing thereof, an amount of (500) Saudi riyals shall be deducted from the invoice against costs of shipping.
  • When there is an error from the customer in ordering the product, its correction shall be accepted if he informs us within (24 hours) from the time of ordering, and we will correct the error unless the customer has already received the product or obtained the service.

Cases where no return is accepted:

  • The customer shall have no right to request returning goods during the period of discounts or sales.
  • If the customer has purchased the last piece or the like and the customer has accepted thereof, then the customer shall have absolutely no right to request return or replacement.
  • Sold bed sheets, pillows, mattresses and accessories cannot be returned or replaced to maintain the public health.
  • No return for products which contain integrated items and cannot be returned to its original condition on which it was delivered.
  • If the product is a special order and customized with special design.

  Cases where no carpets products are returned:

  • Items sold after installation shall not be returned absolutely.
  • In the event that the customer purchased full rolls and found excessive quantity therein, the excess quantity less than 5 linear meters shall not be accepted by the Company.
  • The customer shall not be entitled to request changing the color of the sold goods after its invoice was issued.
  • Items sold prior to installation are returned in case of manufacturing defects.


Refund policy shall be as follows:
  • The amount is refunded through the same bank account of the applicant after we receive and inspect the products.
  • In the event that the customer requested replacement, he will pay the cost of shipping to return the product to be replaced, the cost of shipping for the new product, and pay or receive the difference, if any.
  • If the order value was paid through credit card, the amount will be refunded to the card. In case you paid Cash on Delivery, the full amount will be refunded to the bank account specified by the customer in the return request at his own responsibility, and in all cases the bank commission will be deducted from the product value.
  • If the order value was paid through bank transfer, the full value will be refunded to the used card or the account. In case you paid Cash on Delivery, the full amount will be refunded to the bank account specified by the customer in the return request at his own responsibility.
  • Refunding the amount to the credit card or the bank account requires 14 days from the date of receiving the return request to reflect thereof in your bank statement, taking into account the delay in case of transfer from one bank to another.
  • Contact customer service if your return request is confirmed via the website chat, WhatsApp, or send us the request number through "Inquires and Suggestions" page.
  • We will arrange to collect the products from you at the same delivery address within 72 hours of the date on which the return request is approved.